KM Commercial Maintenance Services


Now is not the time for “business as usual” in an indoor environment approach to shelf-space and product accessibility. Our commercial maintenance services help you to implement a store layout that ensures customers “feel ok and safe” about shopping, and that they’re able to view and make their purchasing choices without crowding or feeling pressured. Taking every opportunity to have more space for your high-demand items and those multiple product lines. Call us at 423-648-4408 for a complimentary consultation.


Installation services include:

• New store plan and setup

• Remodels & Relocations

• Planogram Execution and Maintenance

• Promotional & Seasonal sets

• Point-of-Sale Display and Signage Placement

• Assembly of Merchandise and Product Displays


• Professional Cleaning

• Disinfect High-touch Areas

• Wipe Down Computers & Technology

• Multiple Surface Applications

• Mist PreventX 24/7

• EPA approved antimicrobial

• Environmentally friendly

• Non-toxic, non-leaching, long lasting


We are all more aware of germs & viruses these days, especially in confined public spaces. Our Painter Ready Sanitizing Services help put customers and employees at ease. Invest in creating a very strong customer experience from the moment the customer walks into the store.

1. We mist high-touch areas with a diluted disinfecting solution to kill any germs and bacteria (the mild solution does not harm surfaces and will be kept away from clothing).

2. Areas like computers and technology are wiped down and not directly sprayed.

3. Once the first application has dried, we mist the same areas with PreventX 24/7

PreventX 24/7 is the first of its kind, EPA approved antimicrobial. It controls microorganisms without chemical poisons and it doesn’t wash away or lose its effectiveness over time. It is environmentally friendly • Non-toxic • Non-leaching • Long lasting. We have relationships with clothing stores, restaurants and office buildings.

Call us at 423-648-4408 for a complimentary consultation.